Dedicated Practitioner Class
Five Session course starting on June 30, 2016

Sponsored by One Dharma Nashville, Led by Lisa Ernst

This five week practice and study course is designed for committed practitioners and will allow for deeper exploration of the process and practices of meditation and awakening. Patterned on Sprit Rock's Dedicated Practitioner Program and led by Lisa Ernst, the class will offer specific teaching and practice approaches based on the Noble Eightfold Path. There will be plenty of time for group discussion and interaction. The basic requirements are that everyone attending has an established daily meditation practice, or will re-commit to one, and has attended at least one daylong or longer meditation retreat.

The class fee is $150. Two reduced fee spots are available in the case of financial need. A deposit of $35 reserves your spot with the balance due by June 23. To pay by paypal go  here  and use the "donate" button. Instructions on paying by check are available at the same link. Please include your email address. With one exception we will meet weekly: we will not meet on Thursday, July 7 due to the 4th of July Holiday that week. For additional information contact

Breema & Feldenkrais at Dharma Center

Biological Optimism--RECLAIMing Strength, length and Vitality with Mindful movement lessons
Weekly Feldenkrais(R) classes
RESUMES Thursday January 7th  10am and meets weekly.
PLEASE RESPOND letting me know of your interest.
Tuition:  Basic: $50 /series  of 4  Drop in: $15 -- Per Class  No refunds for missed classes. ;-(   Financial aid:   Inquire as I want to include you.


Breema effectively releases tension, and fosters vibrant health.

Breema® is gentle yet powerfully transformative touch and movement that supports us to relax and be more receptive to life moment by moment.  The tangible experience of presence is deeply nourishing and enables us to let go of conditioned patterns, so that we can connect to new and more comfortable ways of moving, thinking, and feeling.  IN other words: We are more than just a container of thoughts!  Breema helps us to wake up out of mechanically going through the day and renews us.  Tension disappears and the magic of life reappears.

Breema’s Principles can be applied in daily life-- supporting a greater sense of harmony, balance and connection with ourselves and with life around us.

For information on sessions, classes and workshops please contact Katherine Correa, LMT, Breema Instructor, Feldenkrais(R) Practitioner at 615-440-1342.

For more information on Breema and Feldenkrais methods, go to